Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Chevron Houston Marathon Coverage

I am getting really excited to carry the H.O.P.E. Flag in honor of all the great families affected by congenital anomalies at the 2014 Houston Marathon, but to be honest, I have been kinda laying low over the past month or so. It was not intentional. I have just been really busy with work, training, and preparing for the 2014 Team iDO! season. Fortunately the H.O.P.E. has found a life of it's own and families continue to virtually sign it and the supporters have carried the story in my absence. The 2014 Houston Marathon is the official kickoff for the team, and I am am so excited that I get to do it and to share with everyone the future of Team iDO!

For the past week on all of the local television station's keep talking about marathon...marathon...marathon...  Then all of a sudden, I saw this commercial:

It became VERY REAL. Before you know it, I was getting texts and Facebook messages from friends and followers about how they saw me carrying the flag on the commercial. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. 

Before every race, the same thing happens. I start to have doubts and start to feel every tight muscle and minor pain.  I come up with questions like, "Can I really do this?" "Will I let everyone down?" "Does anybody really care?" "Is this even possible?"

This feeling is very similar to what a parent feels before they release their child to the hospital or doctors to have surgery.  You have hope, but you also have a small ounce of doubt in the back of your mind. When we were in Shawn's hospital room awaiting a phone call to tell us the results of his surgery, I remember thinking to myself, "The phone will ring and one of two things will happen. Either they will tell me that the surgery was over and Shawn was recovering or that he did not make it." I was prepared for both, but thankfully Shawn survived and has recovered. 

The fact is for 99% of the population, this attempt to carry a flag for 26.2 miles at a busy marathon is impossible, and it is easy to listen to others around you and feel doubt. Fortunately, my son wakes up this morning at the perfect time to reminds me of something.....ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
Shawn was playing with his little toy tools and putting the plastic bolts and nuts together.  He started to put the nut on backwards, but it was not working. He brought it to me and told me that he could not get it to work and needed my help.  

I looked at Shawn and said something that eventually came back to bite me. I said, "Shawn, that is not how it works. You can't do it that way." Shawn then looked at me and said, "You were not supposed be able to do it, but you became and Ironman right?" I immediately grabbed up the bolt and nut and figured out how to do it.  

The fact is if we put our mind towards something, we can DO it. It just takes determination, resilience, dedication, and a lot of HOPE.  I appreciate that my son was used to remind me of that, and I am so excited to carry that H.O.P.E. tomorrow to provide inspiration and that reminder to others.  If you see me out there, make sure to cheer me on. This is a community effort, and I need everyone to help me to the finish line.  LET'S DO THIS!