Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Houston Triathlon Results & Pictures

As I sit here writing and recovering from the Houston Triathlon International Distance Race, I can't help but smile knowing that is was my last race of a very successful season.  So many things have happened that I could have never imagined.  I competed in 5 triathlons, 1 Half-Marathon, accomplished several personal records, and finished an Ironman 70.3.  Ultimately, all of that comes to a distant second to seeing Shawn's Anomaly Research Fund at Texas Children's Hospital started.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for 2012, but we have to close out the 2011 season first.  See below on how you can help us finish the season with a "Monster" bang.

The Memorial Herman Houston Triathlon is one of the best triathlons I have had the privilege to compete in.  This is also the first triathlon I have completed the year before, so I was able to measure up how much I have improved since last year.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results:

The week came with a lot of anticipation considering this was my first true test after my hamstring injury.  The race director of Onurmark Productions, Aaron Palaian, really showed a lot of support to our journey and rolled out the red carpet for Shawn's Anomaly this year.  We had our team tent set up for the first time of what will be many races to come, and was able to have 5 athletes compete in the sprint or international distance triathlons.

The swim portion of the race was really great this year in a nice cool private lake.  I felt very confident in my form and exited the swim in great shape into T1 unlike last year where I just felt like I barely survived.  The bike leg was two loops of what pretty much was a fight of headwind or crosswind for about 70% of the course.  Normally I don't like wind, but since I got my Profile Design Altair Race Wheels, I have really been able to cut through the wind so much cleaner.  It has definitely been the best equipment upgrade of my triathlon career.   I arrived to T2 feeling strong and ready for the run.

As soon as I started the run, I started to feel a lot of tightness in my calves for the first two miles, but and I was trying everything to accomplish mind over matter.  Nothing really seemed to work, so I was forced to walk mile 3 so I could stretch out my legs.  Finally my legs started to loosen up, and I was able to run the rest of the race.  The neighbors of TowneLake are some of the best spectators out there.  They sit on their back porch and cheer you on with cowbells, shaking jars of beans, and yelling in megaphones.  They definitely motivate you to finish, but nothing was more motivating that seeing my beautiful wife and Shawn waiting right before the finish line. 

I saw Shawn before he saw me, so it was really exciting to see his face light up as Rachel yelled, "Look Shawn! It's Daddy!"  Shawn all of sudden gets this huge smile on his face, and I could not help but stop and pick him up so we cross the finish line together.  We both get a little overwhelmed by the cheers and the announcer yelling, "If you need a little extra workout, grab and extra 25lbs before you cross the finish line!"  It was really an awesome experience to say the least, and I can't thank Onurmark for being so "family friendly" and giving the athletes the option to finish with family. 

This was not my best finish this year, but when you compare to last year, I was really happy with my progress:

1:25:06.8 (18.2mph Avg)
1:14:35.8 (19.3mph avg)

My finish was not the only one for the Shawn's Anomaly Team.  We actually had 4 other athletes in the race including Derek Stoler, Thomas Downing, Edward Sanchez, and Corinna Perez.

I would like to congratulate Derek who is an experienced cyclist and runner, but competed in his first triathlon:

Sprint Results:

Swim:  27:23.7
T1:       4:18.2
Bike:    39:05.2  (18.4mph Avg)
T2:       1:30.7
Run:     23.22.9
Total:   1:35:40

Way to go Thomas Downing on a great International Distance finish.  I am pretty sure this was his first at this distance:

International Distance Results:

Swim:  37:23.4
T1:       5:50:1
Bike:    1:18:12.3 (18.7mph avg)
T2:       3:27:0
Run:     1:18:52.6
Total:   3:23:17.6

I am happy to welcome Corinna to the Shawn's Anomaly team and a great finish:

Sprint Result:
Swim:  19:09.2
T1:       21:39.2 (Timing error)
Bike:   42:38.6 (16.9 mph avg)
T2:       2:02.7
Run:    25:55.7
Total:   1:51:25.9

Congrats to Edward Raudez on his top ten finish in a race that he was not even going to race:

Sprint Results:

Swim: 11:28.3
T1:      3:38.4
Bike:   36.05.2 (20.0mph avg)
T2:      2:25.6
Run:    26:07.4
Total:  1:19:45.0

I am really looking forward to an amazing off season and 2012 season that includes the Houston Marathon, Ironman 70.3 Texas, Ironman Texas in the Woodlands, and who knows...Kona?  The team tent will be at several races supporting our team.  If you are interested in joining the team, send me an email, and I can tell you more.  You can also check out the Team Shawn tab.  As you can tell we have all types of athletes that are ultimately winning for Shawn's Anomaly with every finish line they cross.

I want to thank all of my sponsors:  Momentum Volkswagen, Profile Design, Champion Systems, Profile Design, and Sherry Boudreaux/Advocare.  I want to give a huge thanks to my coach, Dana Lyons, of Finish Strong Coaching.  You have taken a couch potato with a dream and turned me into a true triathlete.  You are amazing, and everyone should have the honor of having you as a coach.  I hope to make you proud in 2012 with an Ironman Finish.  If you are looking for a coach, check out his website

Finally, I have an announcement for all supporters of Shawn's Anomaly.  Onurmark Productions have offered to help raise money during the 2-mile Zombie walk of the Monster Mash Run on October 29, 2011.  This is a chance for ALL supporters to come out to have some fun, dress up in your best costume, and raise money for Texas Childrens Hospital Shawn Anomaly Research Fund, so mark your calendars.  More information to come..Register Here